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Hey Everyone,

with the imminent move from Ning to Discourse for all Grasshopper related discussion, this would be a good time to introduce the Grasshopper2 category.

Grasshopper1 is now included in Rhino6+ and it is unlikely that, save for a few critical bug-fixes, any new features will be added to it. So even though Grasshopper2 isn’t yet available as a WIP product, any discussion about future functionality can be had here.


and to kick things off, here are some screen recordings of GH2 interface concepts/mockups. Some of this stuff is pretty old and has already changed significantly.

First bit of functional UI made for creating and maintaining colour dictionaries. This is mostly a developer tool, I don’t expect users will be interested in making their own dictionaries all that often.

Some videos about the 2D graphics raycasting engine part of GH2.

Gradient editor UI.

Some tests with bitmap and floatmap effects.

An early colour/material/slider test.




Median with variable radius - see application to play with that for texture exploration!

The image stuff looks very interesting! Will we have something like a mini-version of Nuke inside Grasshopper?

I don’t know what Nuke is, but the idea is that bitmaps and floatmaps will be a standard data-type and as such I will have to provide ways to sample, create, import, export, paint and modify them. Both these pixel effects and the raycaster are ultimately going to be available as features within a GH network, although they may also have other applications within the UI.

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  • ReduceMesh
  • Elefront plugin - merging the plugin into the core package? Work with blocks, baking and attributes completely changed the way I work with Grasshopper, for the better.


Glad to see forums merging!


you cloud have a look at Nuke - it is ‘The’ Tool in the VFX industry, and goes way beyond what one would assume is meant by image processing / compositing.
It is not necessary compareable to grasshopper beyond the node-based apporach, but maybe it gives you a few ideas from how things are done elsewere.

It’d be nice to have the option to do something similar to Dynamo’s simultaneous preview (of GH components and Geometry). Although changes to Rhino itself might be needed (not sure).

Then allow the user to switch between the two views as is in Dynamo, thus maximizing the views of both the canvass and the geometry preview.

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That idea was discussed here. Transparent background for me is a NO-NO-NO-PLEASE-OH-NO


Here’s my take on this.

I\ve been using that VBScript component for a long time. Quite convenient for me but I still find the way dynamo does things to be more convenient.

Here’s where it gets interesting though.
When I use on Rhino 5, the GH canvass would become transparent but I can still move around the GH canvass without my actions passing through the main rhino window.
The downside of course is that I still have to leave a small portion of the rhino window for orbiting and panning purposes.

Interestingly enough, this is reversed in Rhino6, i.e., when using you can access (i.e. pan, orbit) through the GH canvass.
The obvious downside however is that you can’t use the GH at all since you can’t double-click into the canvass (dragging components is possible of course, but that’s inconvenient).

I think it might be possible to assign a Keymap that toggles this (i.e., mouse actions can pass through canvass), coupled with maybe a blur in the GH background canvass to indicate it is in canvass mode and fully transparent to indicate it is in viewing mode. Is this possible @stevebaer ?

No need to be apprehensive about the idea though, because I’m sure it would be ‘optional’ if it would be implemented.

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I want this too. I would not use it all the time, but when I need it, it’s really useful.

Yes please, because Elefront don’t work with RhinoMAC and the autor don’t have any intention to port Elefront to MAC.

Will make a huge difference to be able to produce automatic drawings straight from Grasshopper. Right now you can only visualize dimensions but quite difficult to automatically bake them without recurring to external components who are not working or are not supported anymore.

I could see this being very useful when I’m on a laptop, and screen real estate is tight - being able to overlay the GH nodes would be really helpful. Maybe there’s a hotkey that toggles between manipulating the nodes and manipulating the viewport, the way holding down shift or ctrl or alt changes how the RMB navigates the viewport.

Realistically, I think a first step would be to allow a Rhino viewport to be set as the GH viewport. The GH component tabs could become rhino interface tabs (maybe with the option to assign a different background color in the interface color). I know for me, being able to customize the organization of the GH components would help me work a little faster.

Not saying this is the be-all end-all, but I think it’s a necessary first step.

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fwiw human can do most of what elefront can do and it works fine on mac :slight_smile:


I know Human but unfortunately it is too limited.

Another thing that can be improved is the RCP. Right now it is no way to publish to RCP geometry selection for example, also the panels are published without their names. If somebody who don’t know the definition and want to use this definition won’t understand what every number represent here.


Oh, an to select the geometry to use this definition you need to open Grasshopper window just to do that because it is no option to publish a geometry component to RCP.

I would like to suggest the following functionality to make possible to chang the display mode of the selected nodes: