All support topics, feature requests, bug reports etc. in here?

So are we suppose3d to post any type of Rhino for windows related threads in here?
Without any subcategories?

Cheers, Norbert

I guess so, for the time being. On older Discourse forums with a lot of posts it seems easy to parse though numerous posts with the read/unread filter.

I had the same thought initially about sub-categories when testing Discourse and it seems like the Topic is the sorting mechanism. So you might start a topic in the Rhino for Windows category titled “Vray for Rhino non-biased settings” and this is what’s used by the search feature. I don’t know if the search can be truncated by category though and will play with it after this. I’m also curious if this post gets searched for keywords or if it’s only by topic. Let’s try using it for a few days to see what works or doesn’t.

So I’d say all topics can go in here for now, just title the topic to reference the plugin, bug, feature request etc. I don’t believe there are sub categories on Discourse so we might end up needing separate ones for plugins at least. Thoughts? I work here… your opinions are the ones that really matter!

Looks like the search feature sees the posts as well as topic title and appears to work well. I assume the same is used on the actual Discourse forum and this has a lot more info on it.

Hi Marc, but the read/unread flags are untrue;
If something has been rendered on my browser screen Discourse assumes I have read it.
There is no way to manually mark if I have read a post or not.