Has design of this forum interface changed as the ribbon tags are not prominent any more?

The forum interface has gone smaller, and the ribbon tags dont stand out to left of post, one has to carefully look now to spot them, All in All its not as easy on the eye.


Are we stuck with this, I am not into coding to try and get it back to the old way.

Its so difficult to use this forum in a quick glance, trying to find my posts spotting for a small ribbon that doesnt stand out to one side anymore. maybe the ribbon could be a different colour, that would help.

no one likes it.


@sam and whom it may concern. This is a disaster really. Someone totally went bananas.

I can’t read the listings anymore. Takes too long now that it takes too much concentration. Never ever make two-row listings. But they did.


// Rolf


At the Discourse Chaosgroup VfR beta forum anything looks fine. Please McNeel team, try to get a look like this. It’s a pain to read the current Rhino forums.