Rhino very slow on M1 Mac

same actually :joy:

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Well, maybe you should get one then… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, you’re not looking very hard - there are plenty of complaints about different types of usability problems from users of Windows machines here… Nobody has suggested a discount for those.

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i would, the reason for not switching back is that the hardware is quite a bit behind if one can say so, with those hot intel monsters, though it looks like intel is actually taking the turn and going towards arm themselves. i am looking for a computer which is strong enough but does not exhaust the energy and the temperature resources, the road Apple is going down now is not what i hoped for either, but right.

sure. still Windows machines dont have that global issue, where things are in a pivot like with Rhino for Mac currently, currently because those changes will get to everybody else either eventually.

Hi, I sometimes come to the this forum, but these days, I come every day. There seem to be a lot of people like me. I’m really waiting for the official release date of Rhino 8 with perfect metal.

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Hi Steve, This is what I’ve expected from Apple Silicon/Metal :wink: OpenGL on M1 may be a waste of time, especially since there already is a Rhino Metal WIP.

I don’t expect that there will be a free update for V7 running on M1. But probably V8 should run on the old Apple hardware. Sure it doesn’t get boring…

Anyways, making Rhino v8 for Silicon an open Beta does not need any changes in the way how McNeel sales or the licensing works.


I back this request. The current situation for Mac Users is very frustrating.
I’ve been using Rhino from V4 starting on Windows and have been upgrading to every version up to V6.
After 7 years an upgrade to my 2014 MBP was inevitable and paying a lot of money for a newer intel mac just for Rhino was no tempting option so I went for the new 14".
I wasn’t completely aware that this decision would make my V6 Rhino obsolete so I’m still using an ancient MacMini to keep Rhino running. Paying 600€ just for having access to v8 beta is very unattractive especially as I don’t need Rhino for my daily job but mainly for personal art projects.
I would instantly prepay a V8 Upgrade without any access to V7.
Regarding the ARM-situation it would be great if McNeel could reconsider options for Macusers here, either pre-sales of V8 or open public betas

My post from 6 days ago:

The first 2 or 3 versions of Rosetta did not work at all.
Then a better build of the Rosetta tools came out and Intel Rhino ran pretty well. This caught everyone flat-footed.
The current performance is not good and we are not at all happy about it.
As Wim said, we are working to try to improve V7 performance.

This is the development path we are on.


As in all Rhino development, we do not have release dates until the work is done. For a viable V8 Mac Rhino, it will need to install and run reliably on both Intel and ARM processor Macs. That’s a new trick we need to figure out.
I am disappointed by this process and how frustrating it is for both users and us.


My situation is slightly different in that I’m running Rhino 5 on Big Sur. I had no idea Big Sur was unsupported. I downloaded a WIP but that has since expired. I am due to upgrade my MacBook Pro in a year and I don’t want to buy Rhino 7 with Rhino 8 on the way. I want to upgrade once, not twice in quick succession.

I think the solution for a lot of the issues is in this thread is to offer customers the ability to pay a subscription. Personally, I don’t like subs but I think it solves a lot of problems (including my own). Essentially subscribers would always have the latest version and access to WIPs.

that also creates quite a few issues. being forced to pay for updates which you dont need, the laziness it provokes from the developers, while pushing updates due to pressure with no sense at all.

rhino upgrades all few years, assuming you pay 50 euro or even the cheap dollars per month you end up paying way more, and will continue to pay even if you have no need for further updates because you work well with what you have. there are people still working on rhino 2.

this constant bouncing of the subscription topic is getting really annoying, also it is pretty off topic.

It doesn’t have to be either/or. Standalone and sub could be offered.

For some people and small businesses paying a manageable amount every month is easier than a 500USD payment.

It’s not off-topic when people are clearly having compatibility and performance issues with Rhino on Apple hardware and software. There’s a solution to be found somewhere — a subscription option with access to WIPs might be one way of solving it.

Apple is just gonna keep moving forward with updates — it would be good if there was some way to keep pace with the updates rather than leaving people stuck or putting off necessary hardware upgrades.

problem remains that wips are not recommended to be used for crucial work, even it might be possible but depending on them may be not a good idea. subscription even if you offer it along with perpetual licences will only help you on this specific case in regards of performance, because rhino for mac is in a state of flux and might (hopefully) not be the case later on.

still it is off topic since it only (and specifically in your case) is indirectly linked the topic and again, just plain boring/annoying.

That I do understand, however this is where budgetting for an upgrade is useful.

In this case, because it is about upgrading then rather than purchasing a first full license, setting up a subscription system that may not bring in a lot of users will probably benefit relatively few people so it is probably easier for users to set aside 20 USD a month for two years to pay for the 500 USD upgrade. Should one decide not to upgrade then the person still has the money and it won’t be gone as it would be with a subscription.

For initial purchase if one does not yet have a Rhino license then a subscription might look enticing, but that is another discussion as there are other things that would come into play as well.
I’m not totally against subscriptions but most subscriptions are not really favourable for the users when it comes to software.

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I was hoping to take a crack at fixing issues where users have complained that performance has dropped once they switched to an M1 and the problem is I don’t have sample models from all of the requests above with the exception of one post (thanks @venamly ). Please send me a 3dm file that you feel is running slower on your M1 than on an olderIntel based Mac. I need these samples to be able to do any work in this area.

Hi Steve,

I can send you something privately. I am hugely disappointed by Rhino on M1. It works 10x better on my 2015 MacbookPro than on my 64GB M1Max. I always praised Rhino for how light it was on computer resources compared to virtually every other program out there. This is unfortunately no longer the case for me. I hope you get it fixed soon.

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Hi Arion -

As Steve mentioned, he needs those examples, so, yes, please send something.

Having worked at a company that did OS development, IMHO, Apple screwed the pooch on this transition. We were required to maintain 100% backward compatibility. If it compiled on OS V1.0, it had to be able to run unmodified on OS V9.0.

I am in the same position that the folks here are in. I need a new Mac because mine is breaking down and want to run Rhino.

From where I sit, the Rhino folks give every indication that they are doing everything possible to deal with this issue. I’d hate to be in their position. I would direct any complaints to Apple.

(And don’t go to a subscription model, Rhino!!! I’m still trying to get rid of all my Adobe software.)

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off topic i know:
but give affinity / serife a chance, one time payment, nearly all adobe functions…


I’m using Affinity Photo and I find that it is better than Photoshop. I have Publisher but it needs some key features to be useable (ie footnote and linked files). :slight_smile:

The subscription model has allowed Adobe to stop improving their product. Whenever I ask a question about InDesign, I can do it on my 15-year-old copy.

The same can be said of Word. The only new word processing feature I know of in Word since 1995 is opentype support. Word still cannot hyphenate properly. Word’s text justification is embarrassing. M$ just changes the UI every few years and gets people to downgrade. And now have subscriptions.

It’s a bad trend in the indusry.

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Affinity products are great, 99% of the Adobe functionality, at an affordable price point :+1:

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Agree with everyone here regarding the performance of Rhino on my new work issued 16" Macbook Pro M1 Max.
Incredible slow navigating and performing basic functions compared to my personal 2019 MBP Intel 16" with 8GB GPU + 64GB RAM and running the same 150mb file. Rendering times are about equal but navigating is dismal on the M1. Seems to hang every couple of seconds and have to use wireframes in the perspective viewport as Shaded and Rendered View grinds Rhino to a halt. Would just use my Intel MBP but our company policy doesn’t allow this.

Crossing fingers the geniuses at Rhino and Apple resolves this soon! Y’all have saved my life more than I can count (under personal account)… much gratitude.