NetworkSrf (making surface meet the original curve)

When using NetworkSrf, the surfaces becomes a bit augmented.
Surfaces don’t match with the curves used.
(It comes out then dips in…)

Is there anything I an do with adding points in initial curves, or other setting to make
the output as if the curves were just revolved or extruded to make the surface?
Is there like a change degree kind of setting in the networksrf?

I’m trying to understand the limitation of each tools. Thanks!
NetworkSrf_MeetingCurve.3dm (62.4 KB)

Your inputs curves are not smooth - the curvature is discontinuous where the curved sections and the straight lines meet. Surfaces created by NetworkSrf always have continuous curvature. If the input curves have discontinuous curvature NetworkSrf will create a surface with continuous curvature which matches the input curves within the specified tolerances. If you make the tolerance smaller the surface will be a closer match closer but will still not exactly match the input curves.

Thank you for the reply, it helps to understand the tool better.
Sorry about the data, I assumed the the curve went down straight so copied the circle created in the middle to top and bottom.
…my post is becoming ”what kind of careless errors careless people get into”

After making spheres and cylinder with networksrf,
getting a better understanding of curvature and the created surfaces.

Networksrf_sphere_square.3dm (420.8 KB)