Network surface giving bad results

I have a network of curves that is giving me some bad results. I’ve marked what may be the culprit curve red. It isn’t currently touching the other curves on one end, but even when I fix that I still get bad results. Any suggestions?


NetworkSurfaceProblem.3dm (2.8 MB)


The problem is with the 2 contour curves. Try this:

  • Select the 2 contour curves
  • Rebuild them with 100 point count and 3 degrees
  • NetworkSrf again

Thanks Jordy. Unfortunately rebuilding those curves isn’t a good option for me as in some cases there are corners in the toe area. Is there another way to solve this problem?


Try using

You can see what happens to the curve and adjust the point count etc. This will pull the curve as close as possible.
Change the tollerance too 0.001 and maximum point counts to 1000.

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Hi Sam - the lower curve has a tiny extra segment here:

Explode that curve, delete the tiny thing and rejoin - should work.


Great work guys, problem solved.