NetSurf - how to use continuity option

I am having trouble figuring out how to use the “C” option in the NetSurf component.

it seems referencing surface edges from rhino has no effect if tangency or curvature is set.
I am also not quite sure how one would actually feed a surface edge into the NetSurf component if the geometry was coming from grasshopper directly.

all tips appreciated!


Yeah… I don’t think that was very well thought through when that Component was included.

At best you can only really use option 0 or 1 and even then you haven’t got the same control over individual curves as you do in Rhino.

In order to achieve this in GH you will probably have to introduce some kind of overlap.

ok, thanks for the info! it seems as if there is “only” the edge(from surface) geometry type missing as entity, because i really wonder why the option 2&3 are in there. probably for later developments.
concerning the blend itself, G1&2 continuity are available in the blendCurve node, which i currently use to create the network curves, but it could save a lot of time to get the surface edge directly, if no additional controls are needed.