Add option to "Blend Surface"

It would be a welcome option to add a continuity option for the extreme edges (g0, g1 and g2). (Currently the command includes only the modification with the ALT keyboard, convenient, but does not have a snap line that establish allows to the exact linearity with the extreme edge, everything happens in an arbitrary way).
In the example we see how the blend between the surfaces a and b performs a continuity with the extreme edges only of type G0. (image on the left).

Remember that the VSR plug-in allows you to do all this with precision. It would be nice if Rhino could implement this …


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its not public

+1 from me.
This and explicit control over degree and spans across the blend edges is what is missing the most in blend surface.

I wish grasshopper can have blend surface component with G3 and G4 in option.