Nesting section from a circular shape with opennest

Hello guys

I am trying to nest « closed planar curve » from a circular shape in a brep
and I have two problems is it possible to pack objects that are not from the same original plane ?
How to organize them to extract every single plane from a « perpendicular frame » ?

as I cut my brep with perpendicular frames along a circle and an extrusion when I want to pack my objects

  • with « pack objects »putting in the input « planes » the original planes (perpendicular frames) along my circular curve the packing does not work, not all the shapes are planar
    -second problem as I did a boolean difference in the center of my brep I have double section of my sections « closed planar curve » that I extract with list item but this is a bit long, and they are also double sections because of the circular cutting.

perp frames extrusion

You’re a lot more likely to get help if you post a grasshopper file with internalized geometry.