Intersections for open nest going odd


I am extracting profile curves from a brep for laser cutting, but when I do the intersect | brep, it organizes the resulting curves in strange groups. I want to be able to organize those curves (all of them) as it is on the pannel, where the shape has the 5 circles inside. Some of of those circles are behing weird by not getting planar as the correct ones.
Also, after the open nest component solve the sheets, some are getting nested inside each other in the first sheet, not occurring elsewhere, going perfect along the rest of the sheets. (62.9 KB)



Two thirds of the components in your file are disabled, so why are they there at all?

Can you prepare geometry that is not open and planar?

I suggest to follow following logic since you are working with curved objects:

I figure out the problem was that a part of one of the pipes were out of the brep boundaries… so I put them inside it. But i would like to know if it is possible to do even with the pipes having parts outside the brep boundary

sorry man my fault

Creat a datatree with pipe holes and then do transformation. Unless you need to nest objects inside othet object holes.

yeah, i need to nest them