Nesting concave shapes more efficiently

Hi All,

I am trying to nest a set of 100 unique shapes onto the minimum number of paper sheets in order to lasercut a lampshade.

So far, I have been using open nest (ran it for 4,000 iterations) and rhinonest. My “record” has been 7 sheets of (335mm x 470mm) with 3mm spacing between outlines =)
However, this only provides an average efficiency of 40% surface area and I am sure that one can do better.

I’d like to at least reduce the number of sheets to 6 if possible, do you have any ideas on how I could go about it?

Thanks in advance,

2020-09-04_Outlines to nest_GH forum.3dm (107.4 KB)

ps: If someone can do better, I will lasercut this lampshade and send it to them too! =)

How many different geometries are involved? Are all sheets containing an equal share of the variants, etc?

If you provide more info it is easier to tackle the problem. For example, list the unique geometries, and tell us how many of each must be contained in the final result (how else could anyone know if the end result contains the number of each geometry you need?).

All this can be figured out based on the content in your file, but it requires useless work to find out which you already know the answer(s) to.

// Rolf

Also, can the shapes be mirrored?

This is with some parts mirrored.

2020-09-04_Outlines NESTED_GH forum.3dm (100.1 KB)


Hi Rolf, thanks for your comment. Sorry I should have been more precise. All 100 pieces are unique and can’t be mirrored as they should be cut and assembled with the same side facing up.

The final result should be those 100 unique shapes all being nested within less than 7 sheets.

Nice work Siemen! Unfortunately, because those pieces are going to be engraved with numbers on their upper face, they can’t be partially mirrored.

The challenge is, all pieces need to be with the same original orientation.

Thanks for your help!

No mirrored parts

2020-09-05_Outlines NESTED_GH forum.3dm (99.8 KB)

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Well done Sir! You’ve just won yourself a lamp puzzle =)

Could you maybe explain how you did it? I would be very interested to learn!


No need to send the lamp, wouldn’t know where to put it anyway. :slight_smile:

I cheated and used Vcarve’s nesting tool.

Well done! Thanks for your help. You won’t receive a lamp then, but at least you have a new follower!


5 sheets :sunglasses:


@jrm.websites Incredible… how?