Getting better nesting for concave shapes using OpenNest

How can I get the best results possible using OpenNest? The best I’ve been able to achieve with my model (below) is 7 sheets used, but from the free trial for VCarve Pro, I know that it’s possible to get down to 5.

Many of my pieces are concave, so the convex hull takes up much more space that the original piece. But on OpenNest’s page on Food4Rhino, they show a demonstration using OpenNest on concave shapes, and they seem to get excellent results.


How can I get better results like the above picture? (2.3 MB)

I’m blown away that OpenNest exists and am very grateful to Petras Vestartas for sharing it with the community.

@emerson.porras That’s not actually all the panels—there are 19 in your screenshot, but there should be 25 total. When I input your parameters, it shows me all ofthem, with the missing 6 all overlapped on the first sheet.

Thank you for the help!