Editing nested blocks

I assume it is not possible to edit blocks inside blocks? That is go into the “BlockEdit” mode and then again into another block insdie that mode.

Has it been looked into already? It would come in handy for anyone used to working in SKetchup and similar pieces of software.


If you double click on a block that has nested blocks it brings up the Block Edit dialog with sub blocks listed. If you click on a sub block it is now editing the nested block.

Oh I see. In that case I think there is something that may be considered a bug - these sub blocks don’t appear on that list when you create them first time inside this “BlockEdit” mode. You need to exit it and enter it again for them to appear there. What you think?

Maybe? It might just be that it only reads the contents upon opening it & isn’t a dynamic dialog. Let’s see what more developer oriented people say here in a few hrs.

This is a fun game.