Relative item Operations

Hi community,

Anyone have an idea how to suppress this section of the definition (cull pattern + shortest list match. if possible). What kind of panel description I can input in the relative item operation input to count item by 2 instead of one … ( so I can remove the cull pattern part).

thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you’re up to, but have a look at this useful page:

Something like (0,2,…) mean a sequence of even numbers…

hi Riccardo,

thanks for sharing ! its what I’m looking for.
Now it seems, unlike the pathmapper, relative item doesn’t accept these kind of masks… (0,2,…)

Am i mistaking somewhere ?


Those “selection rules” works with “Split tree” component. If you have 2 different trees you could use the same splitting mask and pick the “positive” output from one and the “negative” from the other…

… but you are working with lists, not trees… i’m not quite sure what are you doing…
You are using components made for trees … with lists.
Use dispatch.