Needed: Sense2 3d-Scanner software/Grasshopper-plug-in?

I have a Sense2 3d-scanner from 3DSystems (which comes with an Intel Realsense SR300 camera). It has been discontinued from them and they do not give any further support. It is not recognised by their software Sense, so I cannot use it anymore. The camera itself works well.


  • Is there any Grasshopper plug-in where I can use the Scanner direclty?
  • Do you know any 3rd party solution to plug my scanner?
  • Or is it just another brick of expensive hardware garbage?

Any idea is highly recommended. Thanks.


For this type of equipment there is no standard plug and play driver. You need to use the driver that came with the scanner.

Maybe you have already seen this article:

You might consider testing a trial of Geomagic Control/Qualify or Geomagic Wrap since they have a scanner module that is intended to use the driver supplied by the manufacturer of the device.

At some point though I imagine an older driver may no longer function with a newer application version.

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