Issues with leapmotion through using firefly

Hi there,
I would like to get the data from leapmotion by using the Leap Finger Tracker component. However, it does not give any results. I also installed different drivers, leap motion controller. Although the leapmotion works on the controller, it does not work on the grasshopper. Could you please help me with what the problem is?
I really appreciate any help you can provide.

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I got the same problem and have no idea to solve

Unfortunately I do not have access to the latest hardware and have not been able to keep the leap motion controller component up to date in Firefly. You’ll either need to purchase one of the older models of the sensor in order to use the current component. Or wait until I can update the component for the latest hardware (really not sure when that will be). Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Andy.

Thank you so much for the reply!
Leap motion in Firefly is a great addition to versatility to Rhino and I really appreciate your effort to show us what’s possible in the first place.

I have two follow up questions:

  1. By “older models of the sensor” Do you mean Ultraleap 3Di or Stereo IR 170? I have Leap Motion Controller and it does not work with Firefly.
  2. Is there any chance the source code of Leap Finger Tracker is available somewhere so someone can try to understand and take a stab to update it.

Thanks again!

Hi, I came across this thread and wanted to share some info on Ultraleap (Leap Motion) hardware vs software in case this is useful for you all to get this working.

I haven’t been able to test this hands on so apologies for any assumptions but it sounds like this integration was made using our older V2 SDK and legacy API set.

Our hand tracking camera hardware is relatively straight forward and the really magic happens in the hand tracking software. The original Leap Motion Controller is compatible with all of our releases on Windows (V2, V3, V4 and V5) and the 3Di and Stereo IR 170 are compatible with Orion V4 onwards.

If you are using the original Leap Motion Controller then using the software below and applying the manual hotfix should get you up and running with this version of the hand tracking:

This is not compatible with the 3Di or Stereo IR 170 however although we removed the legacy API set in the V4 release we did make a wrapper available that reimplement this which might allow you to use these devices. The links to the Orion V4 software and LeapCxx wrapper are below:

Our latest device the Leap Motion Controller 2 is only compatible with Gemini V5.13.2 and future releases so this integration would need to be updated to work with our LeapC API to use this device.

I hope this helps, it would be great to know if this solves the issue for you! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, looking forward to the new update

Just came across this thread trying to figure out how to connect Leap Motion to Rhino-GH using Firefly. Seems Firefly might not be updated for a while. Currently exploring another work around l connecting Leap Motion to Rhino-GH via websockets server. Requires more steps but seems it might be feasible.