3D scan using Kinect

I was wondering if it is possible to get 3d object geometry (mesh) from Kinect 2 using grasshopper.

I am able to scan 3d objects using “3D scan” application in Microsoft store. is there a way to get 3d object result in grasshopper-rhinoceros also?
by the way, I already checked all existing grasshopper libraries related to Kinect. they don’t give you a way to get 3d geometry from the point cloud

thank you in advance
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If you are able to get the point cloud into Grasshopper already, look into Marching Tetrahedra/Cubes for converting it into a mesh.


thank you very much Mr.Felipe,
I want to convert point cloud into 3d object

first scan using Kinect v2 camera

then convert these point clouds to 3d object (mesh)

the component you refer to convert points to mesh without any guide and you get unwanted results. I want mesh that I can 3d print afterword. thank alo in advance

Here’s an article that dives into what you want to achieve through the suggested marching cubes algorithm that mentions some more advanced techniques with better results. I do not know of software implementations of the algorithms, but a quick google search should point you in the right direction, actually using Houdini and OpenVDB could be an option, but there may be Rhino/Grasshopper implementations that may help appart from other software.

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thank you very much for your great recommendations. I will check all your recommendations and post the result if it works.
appreciate your great support

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Dear Felipe,
unfortunately I am still stuck and unable to convert Kinect point cloud to mesh inside Grasshopper environment.
I did find tutorials in Houdini converting point cloud to mesh but how do I do the same for grasshopper.
the point cloud generated using Kinect contains ID, color, point, position. I believe converting it to mesh should not be hard with nearest point logic but how???

thank you in advance

I haven’t tried myself but seen some people suggesting it, try Dendro.

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Marching cubes is “Iso Surface” on Millipede plugin.
Works very good so far, and fast.

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thank you very much for these amazing suggestions. I will try it out and post the result in this thread, thank you very much for your great support

thanks alot for the recommendation. I will check millipede and see if I could convert point cloud to mesh using iso surface.
appreciate your recommendations
Best Regards
Ahmed Khiaradeen

When you’re working with a Kinect, it’s worth checking out Firefly Grasshopper plugin. It enables real time scanning with the Kinect inside Rhino. I played around with Quokka too, but long time ago.

Can’t really help you with the pointcloud generation. I’m using Artec scanners and their software

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thanks alot Dear Martin, I agree that Firefly kinect is good at importing the point cloud to grasshopper env. but then converting these point cloud to mesh is where i am stuck. I will follow the recommendations suggested by you, Felipe and Riccardo and post the results here. thanks alot for taking time reading my thread

Have you tried MeshLab?


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thank you martin for your recommendation.
it looks really powerful managing point cloud data compared to gh. I will get more in deep in it. thank you again for the suggestion
by the way could you give me your feedback on trimble x7 scanner? are they better than Artec scanners?

I can’t comment on Trimble scanners. Also it’s quite difficult to choose a scanner. It really depends what you want to scan. In my case, I wanted a scanner to rapidly capture hand shaped objects like climbing holds or artwork up to the size of a human, cow or maybe a motorbike? Nothing much smaller than an apple. And I wanted to scan anywhere, so no cables allowed. No external computer for the scanning process. That’s why I bought an Artec Leo

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thanks alot Martin for the important explanation.