Kinect2 firefly


I’m trying to get the Firefly kinect skeleton tracking. But before getting to looking for the definition, which I haven’t gotten to because of the 1st issue I’m currently having. Given that Microsoft discontinued it, I’m having trouble installing the whole package of drivers needed for it. Looked through many forums and ’ how to’ sites and posts. But unfortunately at every point there was an issue with the installation, or it just didnt work.

Is there anyone using kinect on windows 10, rhino 6? Is there a thread with all the needed drivers and maybe a more in depth tutorial for the skeleton tracking?

At this point I’m a bit desperate so I’m thankful for any sort of answer



This probably comes very late, but for whoever might read it in the future: I have just got Kinect (V2) running on Rhino 6 / Windows 10. I think that just installing the Kinect SDK made it work, without any special drivers being installed before.

And the skeleton tracker from (the latest update of!) Firefly works directly out of the box