Need to export rotating 3d video

I need to export a 3d model ( image ? ) that my client can view and rotate but not edit or use if possible. He is really wanting something he can see on his phone if possible.

Any or all help/suggestions appreciated.

There was a viewer to see 3dm on android.
Only view in shaded mode, no curves and no modify.
3dm Viewer from AMC Bridge.

Hi -

Have you tried these?

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@wim the Rhino3d Viewer will be online or downloadable?
This is very interesting to give access to 3D files to collaborators (who do not know how to use cad) to view the models without doing damage.

both appear to import .3dm file but just have blank screen after I open

Lucio, This customers former employer has more than once shopped my drawings around to my competition that couldn’t produce the drawing. I just don’t share usable files anymore. I don’t usually have a need to but there have been a lot of changes and these are going into a large scale aluminum production roto-mold.

You could export mesh in .obj or .stl at low quality (so they can’t use it).

Thanks Lucio. The model is of a life size steer and there are text and logo details that are 0.3mm in size that disappear in low res.

I may have to go back to hanging the detailed model on Sketchfab and sending him the link. I have done this a decade ago for some international artists and it worked pretty well. It appears I still have an account.

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Hi -

You need to make sure that the objects in your 3dm file have display meshes. So, if you clear all display meshes and save in wireframe, nothing will show up in those file viewers.
If that doesn’t work, send us a file for a closer look.

Thanks Wim ! I typically avoid anything to do with meshes inside of Rhino so I never considered it. I’ll give it a go.

I use 3d pdfs for this, via SimLabs.

Thanks I’ll take a look