Need Rhino 4 disk?

New computer and I can’t find my old Rhino 4 disc. I through the v5 numbers but am know being asked for the serial number that was on the R4 disc. I know I should have it saved but how can I get my license number? Can Margaret help with this?

There is no reason you would ever need your old V4 product CD.

If you are tying to install Rhino V4, then download the installer from the Download page on the Rhino Download page and use your existing license key. It starts with RH40, and would be on a sticker on the license booklet inside the V4 product CD case.

If you are trying to install a Rhino V5 upgrade, again download the current installer from the Download page on the Rhino Webs site. Enter your Rhino V5 license key (starts with RH50), and since it’s an upgrade, you’ll need your V4 license key.

No Margaret can not help with this. Margaret is the main documentation person.

If you can’t find your V4 license key, then contact or call them at 206.545.7000 between 8-12 and 1-5 Seattle time.

Are those the details you need?

Thanks for the explanation John. I’ll call tomorrow to get my Rhino 4 license key from the sales persons.