2 licenses and upgrade

I have 2 Rhino licenses but stopped used one of them when my drafter quit.
I upgraded only one to Rhino 5.
That means, I have an inactive Rhino 4 license (#2) and a working Rhino 5 license (#1).
I hired a new drafter and want to upgrade the #2 (Rhino 4) to version 5.
If I purchase the upgrade for that other license, does it matter which original disk I use for installation?
I don’t know which one I use for my last upgrade . . . we went through a number of new computers since I switched to 5.
And BTW, we want to use the two licenses at the same time, on the same network.

I can email with detailed info if necessary.

The actual installation disk doesn’t matter, but the V4 license key you enter does. If you are installing the V5 upgrade on the machine that already has the un-upgraded V4 on it, there shouldn’t be a problem, the installed license will be recognized.

If you are installing the upgrade on a new machine without installing V4, the V5 upgrade will ask you to enter a V4 license key. Make sure you use the one from the un-upgraded V4 in that case.

HTH, --Mitch

Thank you but those two Rhino 4 versions are the problem. Does it matter which one I use?
My Rhino 4 versions are two upgrade disks (I am using Rhino since it was an ACAD routine). I upgraded to 5 on my machine but I don’t know which Rhino 4 disk I used.
Does it make a difference? I will try to install tomorrow with one of the disks and see what happens. At worse, I will have to retry on the second machine, uninstall and try with the other disk.

The disk doesn’t matter, Rhino doesn’t care about the disk it cares about the CD Keys.

Thanks Steve. I’ll do it tomorrow and report if there is a problem.