License Key

How do I get the license from Rhino 5 To Rhino 6? HELP

Just to clarify, you’ve purchased the Rhino 6 upgrade, and when prompted for the Rhino 5 key-code to prove eligibility (as an upgrade) you don’t have that key-code?

Correct. I own rhino 5 and Just today purchased rhino 6.

I think if you registered Rhino 5 when you bought it, McNeel will have your key-code on file. Try contacting them at I might be wrong about who to contact, but they should be able to put you in touch with the right person to straighten this out.

At the risk of being Capt. Obvious, you might want to keep your Rhino 6 key-code in a safe place.


I just hung up the phone with them. And yes Storing the new keys in a safe place. LOL Captain