Need help with that algorithm

Hello community !.
I am studying Grasshopper.
Each task is unique.
Can you give directions in solving this problem.
It is necessary to describe the base surface with 3-5 types of simple geometry.
It can be triangles of 3 x sizes.
To find the right elements, I think towards the Galapagos


just a quick question - are these tasks available somewhere on the internet?
I am learning Grasshopper as well, and while there a lot of great follow along videos, I am having trouble finding good practice tasks.

Can you elaborate more on the specific task?

  • Do we know, that the given surface can be perfectly covered with the given triangles?
  • If we do not know what is the exact aim? (ex.: the minimum surface that fully covers it?)
  • are we useing specific triangles? ( 2 * t3 = t2, 2 * t2 = t1, t1 has 3 equal length vertices?)

Szamosi Máté

Thank you Máté.
This is a practical task - It will be the facade of the metro station.
3-4 types of panels will be used, only triangular in shape.
The sides are equal.
Complex geometric shapes must be filled in automatically.
Using only three triangular panel size.
2 * t3 = t2, 2 * t2 = t1, t1 These proportions is suitable.

So if I understand you correctly we have a plane (the facade), and there are complex boundary lines on it, that we have to fill. Let’s say we have a horse contour. In that case the following algorithm should fill the shape with the minimum number of triangles:

  1. generate 3 matching grids from the 3 triangles that fully cover the boundary line. The triangles in the example are multiples of each other, so the grid points will owerlap. (as sets of surfaces)
  2. going from large to small cull the triangles that are outside the boundary
  3. going from small to large cull overlaping triangles
  4. combine the 3 set of triangles

If the number of panels is not exactly 3, but an arbitrary parameter that can change, you are going to need an addon that can handle loops (anemone) / or you will have to code.

Szamosi Máté