GH-Irregular panels divide script

Hello everyone,

My name is Sang, currently study in Sci-Arc.
I am here to look for a solution to divide a set of irregular panels into smaller pieces in order to laser cutting. And those panels (Acrylic plates) will soon be set in a new bar in LA. Hope you can help me.

the following picture is the panels in Rhino.

The way I cut these panels manually in SU.

The best way to cut them.(still trying on GH)

The gap between panels (3mm)

The script I am using for now.

Hope you can give some advice about how to achieve that form.
Thank you so much.

Kind regards
Yiyang Sang

This is the panels model in Rhino
panels to be cut.3dm (3.8 MB)

In fact, if you want to use GH to do this kind of work effectively, it’s a good idea to create well defined base geometry from scratch.
It’s important that the order and direction of the section curves and the control points should be well organized. But unfortunately, it seems your data is not.
In such a case, there would be a lot of unnecessary work involved in working with GH. It might be better to do it manually with Rhino.
Anyway, take a look at the attachment. Best.

Panels to Be (646.1 KB)