Need help with my pattern/texture for my thesis project, ASAP

Hey everyone!

I want to get a fading texture on my object, but only on the top of it. Here are some photos of what kind of texture i’m looking for and a drawing what my object looks like, blue is where i want the texture to be. Problem is, that i work withe BREP…i think thats the reason why i cant get it done by myself…i really would appericiate some help. Thank you.

Check this topic:


Wow, that was fast! Thank you, I will check it out :slight_smile:

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I’m a beginner of working with grasshopper. How can i get this on my surface / brep? I can also share my file with you, if this would help…

I don’t have time to look at a file at the moment.

I read your post again after posting the link and saw your question about mapping the pattern to a brep.

I’d suggest to try working with a surface first and once you understand how to map to a surface, you can always look at more sophisticated solutions.

Also look at the Grasshopper Primer:

Designing with Lists | The Grasshopper Primer Third Edition (

Thank you! I try it out