How to create the form in the video

Hi, I created a physical model, and would like to know how to create this form in Rhino as Polysurface. The biggest challenge is to create those creases that get smoothed out gradually from both ends edge.

What would be the logical and simplest way to achieve this form? Should I work with Grasshopper components such as surface patch?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Hello - as a basic shape - something like the attached maybe?

ShapeMaybe.3dm (180.5 KB)


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Quite exactly! Thank you so much. What command did you use?

Hello -

Here is what I did:

  1. Make one simple curve and rotate copies into position. Loft with History recording on. I lofted curves all the way around - below the floor - so that the surface would meet the ground nice and vertical…

  2. Adjust the middle curve to tune the amount of accent at the ridge - this is why we had History on.

Trim off the bottom of the surface.

ExtractIsocurve somewhere where you want the added detail to fade out.

Add a rectangle or polyline for the doorway if that is what it is. Explode it to lines. Split the extracted isocurve to match the door frame



MatchSrf with OnSurface=On to the curve on the surface for curvature.


Then, if you change the surface degree to 4 in the U direction, you can move/rotate the points at the outer edges to shape your object.


Trim, Join etc when you like how it looks.



Thanks for your detailed explanation! It helped me a lot indeed. I genuinely appreciate.