Need help with a Rhino script to generate a bill of materials

I am a fabricator. We build our models in Rhino, several years ago someone on this forum gave me an amazing script and I lost it. Basically I am modeling parts that are extrusions, and I need to generate a CSV file that has the part name and a length, that is it. The script I found on this forum worked by first having all my parts be blocks, with the block name being the part number, inside the block was the extrusion, and a dimension string which specified the desired length. Additionally, in the properties of the dimension string, it has a “name” which was “dim”. When I built my model, I made all the parts blocks, then I ran the script and it produced a CVS file with all the part numbers and lengths. It worked great! Then I lost it in a hard drive failure. Could anyone help me find it again or point me in the right direction?


Was it not the script linked here?

Thank you for responding, but I think that was a false flag, it doesn’t work because it requires first to make a part as a seperate rhino file. I was initially excited because I thought it was what I was looking for .

Could you post a sample file together with the output format you are looking for? It sounds really easy to recreate (famous last words)

Sure. I will do so tommorrow, thank you.

Good morning Graham, so i found it! BOMGenerateCSV-New(1).py (831 Bytes)
BOM script test.3dm (61.3 KB)


Good news! Have a great weekend

thank you for your help, so I really dont know where I originally found this script, but i accidently re- named it the same name is this other script which is there all this confusion came from.

Hi Gregoryhitchcoc,
Can you guide me how do i execute this script in windows? If you have any document then that would be great. Which python version i have to install and how rhinoscriptsyntax need to import. Looking forward to here from you.


Hi Sharief -

That script was written to be used in Rhino.
You don’t have to install python.

Thanks for your reply, can you guide me what are the software / library need to install in my linux server

Hi - how does any of this have anything to do with generating a bill of materials?
Please describe clearly what it is that you are trying to do.