Cutting List/BOM


I’m currently working on lots of furniture drawings, is there an efficient method to export a cutting list of the panel sizes I will need cutting ? The materials are sheets and generally rectangular in shape, so I need the length, width, thickness dimension of each piece in my model ? It seems a really simple request but I just can’t find an answer to this ! I use both Rhino for Mac, and Rhino Windows, tia :slight_smile:


I also need the same functions as you requested. Also working with furniture design and missing a lot this functions and some other more.


it might be possible to configure text through fields (formulas) which dynamically update as seen here but i havent yet played much with it other than just implementing a textfield for a dynamic date. if you are interested read into it one might have to collect all the text through a script, so maybe somebody else can help still


it just seems a very simple thing to do, and really should be very easy to do, at present i have been grabbing dimensions individually using box edit, it would be great to be able to export to csv the length, width and thickness. At present all i see using this command is is volume, area, etc… :frowning:


@Macuso @RichardZ I posted a similar request over on the windows side of the forum. The very helpful Mitch @Helvetosaur chipped in with a neat little script, you can find it here :slight_smile:


i saw it :wink: he did a good job for you, thanks for reporting back here though!