Creating Surface from 100+ curves

I need to turn these curves into a surface. Is it possible?

Hello - you may be able to simplify this to some polylines and get a mesh from MeshFomLines, then convert to SubD. Can you post the file?


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I am such a beginner. You can make a surface from a mash?!? These lines were contours from a mesh from a 3D scan. Could I take a 3D solid mesh and make it into a surface?

I would prefer not to post a file with personal information like a body scan

Hi -

I understand that you are new here and that your vocabulary might not be in line with what is used in Rhino. You will never be able to convert that 3D mesh into a single surface. You can, however, convert it into a polysurface. You can do this by running the QuadRemesh command and picking the SubD output type and then use ToNurbs to convert that into a polysurface.

The first question you need to ask yourself, though, is why? What are you trying to achieve by doing this? Organic models such as bodies are typically modeled as either meshes or SubD objects.

Is the end goal of this a 3D asset, visualization or an apparel pattern? If a pattern, -Networksrf will be your friend but you will have to spend some time learning the subtleties of that command. Even then, there are other commands that will be useful, if not necessary. Also, you won’t need that many input curves for the surfaces. Then you’ll have to learn how to flatten it all and then you’ll need patternmaking knowledge to make the minor corrections that are always required of flattened objects for fabric construction. If it’s for 3D asset/visualization, then Rhino’s SubD commands will make this literally a 10 minute job. Posting a file will get you the help you need but you’ll really have to put the time in to learn the basics for it to make any sense.