Need help sorting some geometry

Hi, I’m doing a gridshell project and had a problem with the alignment of its members.

First, it seems that some members did not align in the correct position/axis (I think that gridshell’s surface causes this but I cannot change its form). I’ve tried to rotate them (members) with Rotate Direction by using a normal vector that I got from its surface but it doesn’t work, I think that because they are from different data sources (line and surface). I want to align the long side of the member’s cross-section parallel to the cylindrical joint.
Are there any ways of fixing it?

Second, is there any way to get a normal vector from the line instead of from the surface?

Thanks in (114.7 KB)

This pic shows the difference between two types of members, green lines are the correct one. (122.1 KB)

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Thanks for the solution, but is there any way to get segmented lines instead of continuous lines like this? Because I need segmented lines for assigning joints to them, thanks.

Then, try to use Polyline instead of Interpolate. (123.0 KB)

Thanks a lot, this is what I want! Further more, I wonder why you need to use flip curve before sweep?

Bake the final brep geometries and check the face normal directions.