Loft last segment using Shift List

Well it is a simple one, but for some reason I am stuck :wink: (364.4 KB)

Hi @arten,

You were on the right track! You simply have to make a few changes to get it to work.

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Fab, Thank you. I was shifting both list (( and was missing out an item

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Unless there is specific reason for lofting between the shifted list, you could also get the same result from setting the loft options to Closed Loft and Straight.


Haven’t thought about it. Thank you. I can then just split the surface …

One more thing, how would you approach making a smooth transition from corrugated object to a surface below? don’t have to model it :slight_smile: maybe you have a suggestion?

Thank you guys (363.4 KB)

This isn’t a solution, but the ellipse that you projected onto your red brep (highlighted below in green) is too low to make a tangent curve between your other points. I reduced the R2 so that it moves farther up the red brep. There might be a way to solve for tangent intersections between your corrugated loft curves, and a contour of your red brep.

Thank you. I will try to play with it tomorrow

I also thought to find intersection points and then rebuild curves for corrugated object

Ok I tried, and it almost works :slight_smile: just need a little help with normals and correct way to rotate them to get a shape I want. (379.0 KB)