Need help simulating behavior of a brick wall

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on understanding the physics of a brick wall and trying to simulate their behavior realistically. To achieve this, I am using the Kangaroo software, but I am facing two major issues.

Firstly, I am struggling to connect the bricks realistically, especially when trying to link them horizontally. I would appreciate any advice or effective methods to overcome this difficulty.

Secondly, creating a realistic collision between the different blocks remains a mystery to me. If anyone has ideas, tips, or a specific method for handling this in Kangaroo, I would greatly appreciate your input.

I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge in the field and hope that some of you can provide guidance. Thank you very much!
Adobe Scan 16 nov. 2023.pdf (267.1 KB)
try (13.6 KB)

Hi mathi,
From what I understand based on previous questions regarding this, K2 is not the tool of choice for this sort of thing.

Phys.X may be a better solution for you (also linked in the above post). Attached is a sample file in case you end up trying it.
PhysX (18.3 KB)

Thank you so much for your help, I can finally get on with my work. I’m working on a more complex project and I’ll be coming back to this page to keep you informed of my progress. Thanks again.