Need Help rendering and speeding up Rhino

Hi. I really need help with rendering and improving the speed of Rhino.
My computer is 6 months old. It is an Acer Aspire- 16GB memory,
graphics card is GTX 745 4GB, and i7 processor.
I am modeling a large building but am now trying to render and it is slowing down quite
considerably or crashing. Even moving in wireframe is becoming slow and
moving in render is near impossible. I have copied the model and created
a mesh instead of a poly model as i read online that might improve the
speed but it hasnt. When i press the render key, it says it will take
4hrs to render and render preview is 20mins +. Please help!

What renderer are you using with Rhino? The render time could be related to the settings, materials or lighting specified for the file. If you can post a file that shows a slow render time you’re attempting to speed up, that would be good to see.

Display speed is a different topic and again seeing the model will help tell a lot. If it’s too large to post, you can upload it to our support server at . Make sure to add some notes when doing so to indicate the question. One guess if you converted the polysurfaces to meshes is to run the Join command on all the meshes too as a test. it could be that you have a ton of individual mesh objects which slows Rhino’s display.

Lastly, if any image textures are used in the file in a material or environment, make sure to embed them in the 3dm file through Options>Rendering prior to saving.