Need help organizing points (that i've already found) so they can make steps by making a polyline through them

I’m trying to make a script to generate stepped terrain with variable slopes and am working sectionally.
I currently have managed to find all the points, but need to organize them so i can draw a polyline through them.

Below are the rhino and grasshopper files i’m working with
grasshopper steps attempt (17.6 KB)
Slope.3dm (50.4 KB)

Thank you for taking time out to help me!

grasshopper steps attempt (14.7 KB)

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Thank you!!! this was amazingly quick as well.

Just curious, did you find this challenging or was it straightforward for you?

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Check this as well
grasshopper steps attempt (9.0 KB)


thank you!!! Very neatly done :slight_smile: