Need help make surface parallel surface

I have two surfaces, surface 1 is created with midtop at 0,0,0 and lies on the OZX plane. How do make scirpt to rotate surface 1 according to surface 2 so that the two surfaces are parallel to each other but surface 1 still maintains its position?

Hi @Enscape_Master ,
This is a possible solution.

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import Rhino.Geometry as rg
import scriptcontext as sc

def rotate_to_parallel():
    surface1_id = rs.GetObject("Select the first surface", rs.filter.surface)
    if not surface1_id: return

    surface2_id = rs.GetObject("Select the second surface", rs.filter.surface)
    if not surface2_id: return

    surface1 = sc.doc.Objects.Find(surface1_id).Geometry
    surface2 = sc.doc.Objects.Find(surface2_id).Geometry

    if not isinstance(surface1, rg.Surface) or not isinstance(surface2, rg.Surface):
        print("One of the selected objects is not a surface.")

    surface1_plane = surface1.TryGetPlane()[1]
    surface2_plane = surface2.TryGetPlane()[1]

    angle = rg.Vector3d.VectorAngle(surface1_plane.Normal, surface2_plane.Normal)
    rotation_axis = rg.Vector3d.CrossProduct(surface1_plane.Normal, surface2_plane.Normal)
    if rotation_axis.IsZero: l
        print("The surfaces are already parallel")

    rotation_axis.Unitize()  # Normalize the rotation axis

    rotation_transform = rg.Transform.Rotation(angle, rotation_axis, surface1_plane.Origin)

    sc.doc.Objects.Replace(surface1_id, surface1)

    print("The first surface has been rotated to be parallel to the second surface.")


Hope this helps,

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Thank you so much