Create bisector plane of two intersecting surfaces

Hi Forum,

I am quite new to scripting and working on a little python script to find the bisector surface of two intersecting surfaces.

I have a polysurface with triangle faces. Each edge has an intersection. The direction of all faces is the same. That means no one is flipped.

I want to create a surface which is in the bisector of the two neighbors. Like the red surface in the following screenshot (modeled in Rhino)

I made a python script but I think I make a mistake creating the right vector for the bisector surface. (1.9 KB)

Maybe one of you have an intelligent idea how to solve this problem?

In the Rhino file are some surfaces to test different angles of intersections.
BisectorPlaneDemo.3dm (3.6 MB)

Thanks a lot !

Hi Leonard,

I did a quick rewrite of your script to give the reult you are after in this setup.
Note the comments in the code for additions feedback. (1.8 KB)

Does this help?


Thank Willem for your help !

I tried with some examples and it works perfect.

Highly appreciate your quick fix !

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