Need help joining edges in Penguin tutorial rhino 5

I want to do a surface blend between the wing and the penguin body.

On the left side of the penguin I was able pick a closed polysurface edge at the hole of the penguin body. But on the right side, the edge is split in two segments.

If i Join them it creates a new curve that is not pickable with the blendsrf command. What I want is for the 2 edges to become one joined edge without creating a new curve.
If I use the joinedge command it will not let me pick the edge segments. Why is that?

I tried the analyze edge command. It does not seem like it is a naked edge.

I am very new to Rhino and 3D modelling in general. There must be something I am missing/haven’t understood?

I hope anyone can help me solve the issue here. It will be very much appreciated.

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Sorry about the right and left confussion :slight_smile:

So i figured out how to do the surface blend without joining the edges. Here is my final result. However I could not figure out how to join the different parts of the penguin body. I tried to join them before rendering with failure. So I still do not understand basic join functions. Can anyone recommend specific reading, where to get further in depth understanding of join rules commandos etc?


Hello - Join works on curves, surfaces/polysurfaces and polygon meshes. For curves, Join needs two open curves that have end points within tolerance. For surfaces and polysurfaces, Join looks for open (that is ‘naked’ or unjoined) edges that are within tolerance. For meshes, it does not care about open/unjoined nor proximity - any meshes can be joined.

In your example, the wing is up against the body surfaces, and has open edges there where it touches but, from the image, the body surface there does not have a corresponding hole there providing the needed open edges to join to.

SimpleSurfaceJoin.3dm (844.6 KB)

See Help on Join, Trim, Split, and BooleanUnion



Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and even posting an example.
It is much appreciated and a big help.
For a newbie it helps tremendously :slight_smile: