Cant conect two surfacecies

Hello everyone.
I just started learn rhino? and i facing with this issue, i cant connect two surfaces.
Can someone help?

Hi Alex,
Try JoinEdge command.

read more:

Mohammad Nikookar

Hi, Alex! You are better off starting with basics before moving to such complex objects. You have to match surfaces first (MatchSrf), then join them (Join). Check the Level 1, and Level 2 Training (start with 1).

guys thanks alot for your answers, i will trying.):relaxed:

● JoinEdge does not fill any gaps between surfaces. When surfaces won’t Join, that’s an indication that more time should be spent fixing the gap/overlap/other problem so they WILL join.
● If the surface edges are not close to each other, you may have problems later on, depending on what you do with the model.
● If you cannot join surfaces using the Join command, you should make the surfaces more accurate.
● If you use JoinEdge, you should learn what it does and use good judgment. Try to think of it as a shortcut for changing your tolerance to a bigger value, doing a Join, and resetting the tolerance.


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Yes, you are right.
All these warnings has been listed in the attached link!