Need help in buying new Laptop (~3k USD budget)

Hello All,

I am planning to buy a new Laptop (budget 3k USD), need help in deciding which brand and what spec I should be looking for.

My usage pattern is running -
Rhino 7 + Keyshot 11 + Adobe CC tools + Microsoft Outlook & Teams all running simultaneously.

My current Laptop config -
Dell Precision 5530
Intel i7-8850H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz
Intel UHD Graphics 630 + NVIDIA Quadro P2000 Graphics Card

Here are some issues I am facing with my current laptop:

  1. This is a 4 year old laptop and now I am feeling the performance has degraded especially after Rhino 7 upgrade. I had to roll back Rhino 7 updates as it started crashing (Blue Screen).
  2. Sometimes Rhino crashes and when I restart the rhino the model appears metallic finish in Shaded mode then I have to restart the laptop to bring the rhino display back to normal.
  3. Whenever I check graphic card usage in task manager only Intel GPU is used and NVIDIA GPU appears idle, not sure why.

Can anybody help if any setting i need to tweak to resolve above issues?

Also can you suggest which new Laptop I should buy and what config is recommended if want to run Rhino 7 + Keyshot 11 + Adobe CC tools + Microsoft Outlook & Teams all running simultaneously.

Nirdesh Rao

From CES few laptops are being released soon with RTX4080/4090 and Intel 13th gen i9.

Don’t bother yourself with any mobile workstation / professional thing. I’m using HP z-book and I don’t like it.

Something for your viewing :

Hello @nirdesh_rao , Did you have to compare your actual GPU to a “Gamer” graphics card (GTX…, RTX…)?

I haven’t looked for several years (4 years probably me too) but what I’ve noticed each time is that the “professional” elements: memories, GPUs or CPUs, include very expensive security components.

If you’re not doing “live” video projections, batch rendering over the weekend, or high-performance GPU computing for a web service, I think you’re paying dearly for unimportant things.

Some time ago my computer was in hibernation, after restarting Rhino had a completely black view. I minimized Rhino then maximized and the view came back. I have a GTX and it happens once a year or every 6 months.

I can only recommend a “Gamer” graphics card. I find them faster for “sometimes” half the price.

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Gamer = Faster = Happier

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But only if the optimizations are aimed at OpenGL.
DirectX is not used by Rhino.

I don’t think these optimizations makes huge difference in Rhino. A good modern midrange GPU can easily score 300k+ in Holomark’s bench.

I can speak from my own hardware. My RTX A1000 has the same GPU (GA107) as the 3050TI but the performance is much inferior due to lower clock and slower VRAM.

A huge part of rhino usage is visualization which is really dependent on CUDA / Optix in case of cycles or DirectX in case of gaming engines. Which all of these favors more CUDA/RT cores X clock speed.

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One more thing, currently there is no professional GPUs released in the Ada Lovelace architecture (RTX 6000ADA) is announced but not on the market yet. So buying a professional GPU is a last gen purchase which will perform substantially lower compared to current gen GeForce GPUs.

I think the whole GeForce vs Quadro argument will settle forever once @Holo releases his anticipated Holomark V3. :sweat_smile:

So my spec list for a good laptop.

1- Nvidia Ada Lovelace GPUs GeForce RTX(4090, 4080 or 4070 Ti) these are Generational leap compared to their Ampere counterparts results in 60% raw power gain… see the hundreds of reviews on the internet. (4070Ti beats the heck of 3090).

2- Intel 13th Gen i7 or i9. ( Or AMD 7000 non X GPU)

3- DDR5 with a minimum 32GB . I tested Holomark with different speeds and I found a substantial improvement in higher speed ram at least synthetically.

Good luck . This is a better time to buy compared to the last black Friday.

Very little pricing made public yet, but XMG prices being widely quoted by commentators. Looks like the 4090 version will be above $4K, so 33% over OP’s budget…

They are being released in the coming 2 weeks and I’m sure there will be a competition and price variations.
When it comes to budgeting I’d still get a 4070 Ti over 3090 anytime.

A good source of measuring raw power is the passmark scores which is being utilized by Twinmotion.

I’ve been very pleased so far with the Lenovo Legion 5 (and Legion 7) laptop series. The ones coming up with the RTX 4070 will be especially sweet.

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I agree. Legions provide the best bank for the buck when it comes to performance laptops.

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Keep in mind that “Lenovo” intentionally make their laptop hinges extremely weak, so expect to have broken hinges in a few years or even sooner.

They fixed that issue.

Your image confirms that they still have that planned obsolescence integrated into their hinge design. It’s the plastic base below the hinges next to the motherboard that gets broken more often than the upper portion attached to the screen’s frame. The issue is that their engineers designed the hinge base to be extremely short, hence the excessive forces which tries to rip off the screws that hold them to the plastic bottom of the laptop. Even the expensive ThinkPad series of “Lenovo” is now using that flawed design in recent years.

Here is a comparison between the usual flawed “Lenovo” hinge and my version which is at least 20 times stronger despite using just one extra screw and slightly more metal. Not to mention that the latter also prevents the plastic base from fatigue which is the main reason why laptop hinges break in the first place. Many laptops have plenty of free space to include stronger hinges, but sadly some manufacturers like “Lenovo” insist to use very weak hinges.
My design could be even stronger after some optimization of the metal shape, this is just a quick model I created back in 2014 to teach the “Lenovo” engineers how to design hinges.

Панта на Lenovo.3dm (967.2 KB)

That doesn’t apply for the legion 5. I looked into this issue a couple of years ago when I got mine. The regular legion 5 has the long metal bars as shown earlier.

The older Legions (as well as the Legion 7i) had a flimsy hinge connection to the screen panel then they redesigned after 2021.

As I mentioned before, the issue comes from the bad design of the lower base that attaches to the plastic bottom of the laptop next to the motherboard. That same flawed hinge design is still present in the new models shown in the video you posted.

Sorry, no, the Legion wasn’t failing at the base (spare some fringe outlier maybe). I’ve followed this issue in the past and the problem was located by the community as presented in the videos.

FWIW, I’ve had mine for about 7 years without any issue. I suppose YMMV…

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Older “Lenovo” models were made properly, because they were still using the robust hinge design from the engineers of “IBM Japan”. The majority of “Lenovo” laptops in the recent years are engineered in China instead.

That issue was primarily seen on the Legion 5 model range from 2019, 2020 and 2021. Most other “Lenovo” models suffer a lot from damaged hinges at the base attached to the main plastic body next to the motherboard.