Which laptop for Rhino 7

I am buying a new laptop (no computer) to use for Rhino 7. I do not have a big budget and I am thinking of the Ideapad gaming (around 1000 euros) But I have the choice in drive between:
• ⁠1 TB Hdd with 256 GB SSD Or • ⁠just 512 GB Ssd
Rest of the specs are the same: 15 inch Windows 10 Intel i7 16 gb RAM (2x8)
I have no clue which one is better, i know ssd is faster, but the total of 1 TB hdd plus 256 GB ssd is larger. I need a laptop that will be fast to work with (prio 1) and can make renders. And the files are large, so I need capacity to save them. Please give me advice! Thanks!

i would go for just the 512 GB SSD. for rendering GPU is most important, look in section gaming

Laptop prices are high due to global shortage of integrated circuits.

I am using 8-year-old ThinkPad W530 (32GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Nvidia Quadro K2000M GPU). It is still fast enough for Rhino work. One year ago I placed 2TB SSD in its Ultrabay and I replaced its keyboard. The GPU is too slow for Rhino raytraced display mode, but it displays 4K videos at 60Hz frame rate without glitches.

Nathan Letwory is working on Embree support for Rhino raytracing. When it is available, we can get good raytraced display mode performance on the CPU, and the raytracing program can use CPU RAM. Embree costs nothing. New GPU costs as much as new laptop because almost all laptops have integrated GPU = the GPU soldered into the motherboard.

the single biggest consideration to make when buying a laptop is graphics card. All the modern processors are quite capable of running rhino, however- Intel UHD integrated graphics straight up SUUUUUUUUUCK for modeling and especially rendering in a professional environment. (some will argue with me, I’ll fight on that hill) Do your self a favor and set up yourself for success, and get a standalone graphics card. I personally like the Nvidia Rtx stuff. Buy as much vram and cuda cores are you can afford. If you have to save money on a processor to afford more graphics card, that is money well spent.

see this link- If you are buying a new laptop READ THIS


If you need Rhino raytraced display mode, you also need powerful GPU - I do not need it.

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maybe not a crazy powerful one, but 4gb of vram is the min recommended spec, so make sure you are at least running the minimum. Also that is the min PER MONITOR. 2 monitors? 8gb vram will be the min spec.

As rhino develops, we will very likely be leaning on the gpu more and more, make sure you are future proofing with any new hardware purchases.

I’m impressed with Eluktronics laptops and actually travelled to their facility in Newark, DE. Our midshipman that lives with us due to C-19 bought a Prometheus 17" model with AMD Ryzen 7 5800 and Nvidia 3800 along with 64 gigs of ram. The screen is 2560x1440 with a high refresh rate which of course that young man appreciates for gaming on the go! Nice unit, but the one I cherish is the Max 17 which is equipped the same but 1/2 pound lighter.

How long is the warranty? Can we purchase spare parts after 2025?

Go to “Eluktronics.com” and all your questions will be answered. I know from their website that they offer a one year standard warranty and most if not all customers are very happy with their customer service. They also offer longer warranties at extra cost. SSD, and RAM are user changeable on the models I mentioned and there are numerous review online.