Unable to find some components in Kangaroo

I am learning to build a tensile structure from the following tutorial.

At 11min 33 seconds he inserts two components. Both of them aren’t available in my latest kangaroo version. What should I do?

you’ll get more help if you post the link to the tutorial :grinning:

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Done. I’ve edited the original post.

That is the old version of Kangaroo. In the current version you would use the EdgeLengths component on the mesh, or Length on the edges. There are some example definitions for tensile structures here:
I’ll try and find some up-to-date video tutorials for this using Kangaroo2 (or make some new ones if someone hasn’t already)


I have the zip file of your examples but it does not contain the roof I’m trying to make which is seen in the video. Can you share exactly how to use the components you’re mentioning in position the screenshot shows?

If not using the spring component shown in the old version. How and what should I use? Please share screenshot or example file illustrating the updated method of building tensile structure which the video shows.

I’m not sure which zip you mean, but there are multiple tensile examples here:
Perhaps look at the ‘ridge cable’ one first.
Of course it isn’t exactly the same geometry as the roof you want, but I think all the key elements are there - Length goals for the mesh edges, with different strengths for external ones to simulate boundary cables, and Anchors for points you want to fix, with initial and target locations.