Need help creating a "melting" tower

Hi all,
I have to create a “physics based concept” for a parametric tower for my class. My concept is to create a "melting’ tower massing almost like if a tower was made of wax and melted away that block. As a beginner in grasshopper I’m having trouble and needed major help . I was going for a look like the image attached below, but more of “melted” look and less of a “draping” look. Any and all help is appreciated.

Something like this is also appreciated

Were you given an explanation of the meaning of a


something similar to what would a building look like if it looked like the splash of rain hitting a puddle, erosion from rust,etc.

there is a simple way to look at this-
the red surfaces are simple 4 sided surfaces, with a trimmed edge to make the scalloped profile shape-

the green surface would be made from 2 edge curves of the side surfaces, and one central curve that makes up the center profile of the “melty” surface.

make sure and use history so you can adjust the centerprofile curve to sculpt the shape as you wish-

here’s a file to play with…
melting building.3dm (71.0 KB)

Thank you so much, it definitely helps a lot. Do you know if it possible to also do this grasshopper? that way I can adjust within grasshopper itself?

I’m sure there is, you can drive lofts with grasshopper- I am far from a grasshopper expert, so I’d defer to bigger brains.

you can also do this with a sweep 2 and several profile curves.

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Grasshopper is just a parametric tool. So at first you must define a model and parameters. So here the main shape is a sort of damped sinuosoid. You could write the equation or use graph mapper. The damping is on z.
You have also a slight difference of frequency between the middle and exterior curve.
So parameters are
Main frequency
Multiplicator of frequency, near 1
Damping coefficient, could be graph mapper

So think first, make an algorithm and after that go on Grasshopper.

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