Freeform parametric mixed use building

This is my first post here, hopefully someone can give me some suggestions on where and how to start.

I would like to model something like the images below. It is a high rise project by XTU architects. I would like to know how to model such freeform tower parametrically and with those facade panelling techniques. Can anyone advise? Thanks.


I would do it like this: Make a sketch by hand or use digital sketching tool. Stick as long as possible to that. As an alternative use some polygonal modelling technics using a programm like Blender or use the latest Rhino 7 Subd tools. But once you’ve got your shape start remodel anything in clean surfaces. Once you done this use Grasshopper to panel the shape. You can of course do everything in Grasshopper, the geometry shown actually looks not well made( to many twisted and bad surfaces). So I guess the shape could actually have been created in Grasshopper only. But why doing it this complicated, when a traditional approach is much simpler and yields better results?! In my experience Grasshopper is a tradeoff to create repetive elements much easier, but its not superior regarding a traditional modelling approach. So my advice is to stick to traditional techniques as long as possible!

Thank you for your advice! Much appreciated.

If you use Grasshopper to create the overall shape, have a look at the twisted morph (?).

Hi @YoloSolo,

I guess the base geometry could be pretty easily constructed by lofting consecutive rectangles that get scaled and rotated the further up on the z-axis they are located:

The next step would probably be to use Kangaroo or mesh smoothing to relax everything and get the Gaudì-ish catenoid look.

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Oh and don’t forget to plant the trees on top and under the darkest part of your model :man_facepalming: :smiley:


Thank you for your reply, how can I merge them into a big surface at the bottom?

At first you treat the towers individually. You start from the base rectangles which are interconnected by two edges. This will make it easy to join the geometries later, but also means that they can’t be changed independently.
The base rectangles could be a simple 2 x 2 square grid to start from!

I wouldn’t create a loft like this. You always keep your shape as clean as possible, this means you are not placing the sections like this. Sections should be propotional and only change minimal to the next one. Furthermore you only need around 4x4 cps for each surface shown here. A loft would produce much more.

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It’s actually just like 12 or so rail curves (the hard edges) and just sweeping some profiles along them. I agree it will be a few minutes to just manually do that. Use gh for the facades.