Need help closing an object

Im trying to close this object thats currently an open surface. Doing show edge shows me where it is open, but when I try to patch it, it won’t become a closed surface. Could anyone try to close it for me??

opensrf.3dm (988.0 KB)

Hi Steven - try this:

  1. ExtractSrf that end face.
  2. ShrinkTrimmedSrf
  3. UntrimAll
    4.DupBorder on the remaining polysurface.
  4. Use the curve to trim the extracted and untrimmed face.
  5. Join

(However there is some weirdness below the area you’re asking about:

You’ll need to sort that out.


Hello, I followed exactly what you said, but it is still not a closed surface

Hi Steven - well, yes - what I described is how to fix that one location - I’m afraid overall your part is actually a bit of a mess… you have surfaces that fold back on themselves, surfaces crossing one another - it’s probably worth stepping back and revising your methods… it’s hard to be of much help without knowing more about what you did with what curves…


Extract the 2 surfaces involved and run the untrim command then
click on the 2 edges ( where the X’s are in the image below)
Then select everything and join.


It looks like he gets his curves came from maps of Congressional districts

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