Help! Trouble closing an object!

I’ve been using rhino for over a year now, but still have trouble closing polysurfaces. I’ve even gone through all the tutorials on Rhino’s website, but still have trouble closing polysurfaces. Is it just me, or this part of Rhino not intuitive? I’ve attached an object that I currently can’t get to cushion.3dm (212.4 KB)

Hi James - nothing attached, so far…


sorry, just uploaded the file

Hi James - ShowEdges > Naked edges is your friend here - it shows you where to look to fix the thing. In this case I see:


Looking more closely I see the surfaces overlap there:


so I trim one with the edge of the other:

and it closes up there

Same on the other side…


Thank you Pascal! I did not know about ShowEdges. This tool is a life saver.

Thank you Pascal. How would I go about capping the side of thisfoot pad.3dm (82.1 KB)
attached object so that it creates a solid? The ShowEdges tools works well to find the naked edges, but how would I go about creating a solid that doesn’t haven’t the naked edges to begin with? Thank you!

Hi James - in this case it looks like you have a pretty well defined shape in the Top view - I’d make the shape as curves, Extrude these through an over-sized object and then trim and join to finish. CreateSolid is a nice shortcut that works well if there is a fully enclosed volume.
foot pad_PG.3dm (156.6 KB)


also, with _ShowEdges, you can use _ZoomNaked to see each problem better.

Worked like a charm. Thanks again Pascal!