Sectioning for a Roof on Grasshopper

So I need help on the next step of my grasshopper file to section cut my surface. I have the Pframes on but I am not sure how to cut into the surface and lay the individual frames flat on the plane to laser cut.

Here is the gh and 3dm file for what I have so far. (20.4 KB)
shade2.3dm (354.2 KB)

Is this what you are looking for ? (15.0 KB)

Yes! That is what I want. I actually figured out how I wanted the roof to look like, but I tried using your gh file to lay it out on a plane but I could not match it up.

Here is the new file that I would like to individually lay the section cuts on the plane.
Thank you!
shade2.3dm (2.4 MB) (22.9 KB)

? (13.0 KB)

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That’s perfect. Thank you so much!