Need an alternative way to create this object

I am trying to create a simple object that has a radius curved edge and flat sides. ( I have attached an example )

But I am looking for an easier way to create this because when I do my last step to fillet the edges I’m running into inconsistent results ( sometimes it works, and sometimes it breaks the object if I don’t get the radius just right )

The steps I’m doing are:

  1. Create a simple curve circle
  2. Next I extrude that circle to get my desired thickness
  3. Last step is I fillet my edges to get the radius ( If I don’t get the radius number just right it will break the object )

I am guessing there is a quicker more reliable way to do this ?


Sample Drawing.3dm (87.4 KB)

Hi Kent - in this case a Revolve of the section of the object is what comes to mind.

I would use SplitAtTangents=Yes, here.



yes, pascal is right, i also think revolve is the solution.

depending on what you do next - you might benefit from revolving just the arc / half-circle and then close the planar part with

just for academic fun:
you can also use
_split (isocurve, shrink = yes)
_delete (the part i moved)

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Thank You Pascal… that did the trick !

Thanks again…


Thank You Tom…

All great options… I think the cap option may be my best option…

Thanks again…