Problem creating radius fillet

Hello all,

Trying to follow a DigitalTutors tutorial to get myself acquainted with Rhino.
After using some wrong distances, i had to recreate the upper part of attached model from extracted curves by lofting them.
I now try to create a radius at the in the screenshot selected edges, in order to get a more fluent look.
But i cannot have it work for me, so something is nor right.
Is this fixable or doe you suggest to rebuild the whole part.

Many thanks, Robert

RadiusFilletProblem.3dm (666.5 KB)

Hi Robert - the ‘handle’ is a bit messy - see how the sides are split up into very tapered faces on the sides opposite the ones you show in the image? I’d remake that with simple rectangular cross section, leave the filleting out and then do all the fillets in one go.
RadiusFilletProblem_PG.3dm (785.3 KB)
EDIT: I lied - sorry - the fillets are added in two shots, as indicated in the file.


Many thanks Pascal, much appreciated.
I will have a look at what you suggest, if I have more questions I hope you don’t mind me asking.

Regards, Robert Glotzbach