Need advice to blend surface

Need advice to blend surface

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219.Grasshopper Tutorial (Eval Crv) (17.7 KB)
219.Grasshopper Tutorial (Eval Crv) ver2.3dm (599.8 KB)


I would do something like this, which creates a blend between the inside and outside profile curves, then does a Revolution of the blend itself

219.Grasshopper Tutorial (Eval Crv) (23.3 KB)

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Here’s a simplified method using Inno’s technique that produces the blended shape with both an open or solid bottom. (Thanks Inno - for some reason it just never occurred to me that BlendC could be used to connect curve endpoints.)


219.Grasshopper Tutorial (Eval Crv) (24.8 KB)


Thank @inno
It worked, I also learn other things from you. Brep Join component need to be Flatten in Input.

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Thank @Birk_Binnard
It also worked, I learn from you how to make the base of this model. After printing, I also think should make the base. It will reduce defect.

Nice job - way to go. Note that you can simplify the GH file even more be replacing all the circle generation components with a set of points in the XZ plane positioned to give you an Interpolated curve that has the shape you want. With a given set of points I’ve often flipped back and forth between an Interpolated and a Nurbs curve. The difference can sometimes be surprising.

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