Blend curves in a structure

I am new to grasshopper, so sorry if this is an obvious or stupid question.

To get an idea for what I want to build, here is a picture of a ring which has a small part of the desired structure.

I would like to blend these curves nearby the intersection point. Before I interpolated the curves, so it looks like a weavern pattern. Now my problem is, that the curves do not blend at each space.
Could you help me to blend or connect the curves at each segment?

Later I want to morph the extruded structure onto the surface of a cylinder.

As I read in “how to ask a question” it would be better to keep the grasshopper file short, but I do not know if there is maybe a previous mistake and I think the interpolated curves are important for the question.

I tried out the diagrid structure or diamond panel from lunchbox but I wanted to vary the height of the “diamonds”.

blending- reverse engineering (34.5 KB)
Thank you in advance,

Lets give credits to the original designer Benjamin Hubert


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You can use this component which would be much easier.

available in Pufferfish plugin by @Michael_Pryor

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Hello BVR ,
Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I love the Design of Benjamin Hubert and Biegel and thank you for the Video.

I tried out the component “Net on surface” and it is really nice, but I still cannot blend the curves in the corners and the heights in the U-direction is not adjustable (e.g. with an attractor point).
Or do I get it wrong?
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IMHO, If you try to create something on 3d like this, just using blend or fillet + mapping curves to your target cylinder is not enough to work with. Things would be a lot easier if you work with mesh + mesh subdivision using weaverbird plugin for instance…

Cell (25.1 KB)


Wow, thanks a lot!
This is a really close solution of what I meant.

Also the height of the diamonds is adjustable, thank you. But what I was trying to explain and tried with the curves and the point attractor is the scaling of the U-Spans in or the scaling in the Z-direction dependent on a point attractor.

I am really sorry for my explanation so I painted it:

And I tried to solve this on my own, but I don’t know how to avoid the intersections.
Thank you really much for all your help so far!
Cell Jewelry_scaling z (44.5 KB)

Kind regards,